e-Services Products

TTS offers a powerful suite of web-based products; e-voucher, point of sale and portal. Each of our e-services products will help you to spare your time and efforts with high security and efficiency.

  • e-Voucher

Our  e-Voucher product can be easily customized according to your needs and sales methods. We allow vendors or dealers to sale prepaid cards without the need of a scratch card in an extremely cost effective way.

  • Point of Sale

We offer a powerful multi services point of saleproduct facilitate the electronic distribution. It saves time in the sales process maintaining reliability, speed and flexibility.

  • Portal

We provide you with a gateway to your business no matter how big or small it is. We have different types of portals such as liferay. We develop our portals in a way to gather all users' information, personalized it to best suit the user needs and offer several services.  

For more information about liferay, please visit the following website http://www.liferay.com/.