Human Resources

TTS management understand that Human Resources (HR) is an important source of competitive advantage hiring the right people, equipping them with the right skills and abilities, and then motivate and reward them, which eventually affect our company and stakeholders in a positive way.

Our HR vision covers the following:

  • Playing a major role in shaping the company's culture
  • Building the staffing strategy; planning, recruiting, selection and placement
  • Developing staff progress strategy; performance management, training, senior development, and career planning
  • Developing compensation strategy; salary structure, employees benefits and incentives
  • Setting rules, policies, procedures and following up on it

TTS invest in its team in a clear and tangible way. We are committed to ongoing development of all team members through in-house trainings, external courses, certifications and customer site experiences.

TTS applies the Jordanian Labor Law, Jordanian Tax Law and Jordanian Social Security Law as a reference in its relationship with the staff. Nevertheless, TTS takes into consideration the global environment as we are looking to enter new markets in the region.