Ourcomprehensive products line is led by our passion to deliver energy products that not only keep pace with global needs, but anticipate them as well. We serve you with the right product that makes your business successful. With our partners; we ensure you have your "fit" product that can be easily interfaced with any environment you have.

TTS has the right products for any project you can imagine with its tightly fully integrated family of: e-Business products or Customer Relation Management products or Enterprise Content Management products or Student Information Management products or e-Services products.

  • Products Features
  • Fast Deployment (Implementation Tools)
  • Logical and Flexible Design with a Graphical User Interface
  • Open Standard and Architecture
  • Easily work on any platform of hardware and operating systems.
  • Well-defined Database maintenance procedures
  • Support a multi-window graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Rich and Strong Security System
  • Well-defined Backup procedures