TTS believes that human resource is the most valuable asset, the company seeks to attract the local qualified and talented people who are graduated from the best computer and programming specialized universities and centers to employ, train and improve with the novelist technologies in this field. Our highly qualified employees are one of the top IT specialists Middle East; they are well educated, certified consultants and with wide practical experience.

  • Team's Certifications

TTS staff is highly experienced well equipped staff with their certifications and wide experience. We reach the significant results in our projects due to many reasons; one of them is our certified team. Our functional capability is supported with the below international certifications:


  • Team's Experience

TTS team has different background experience to deal with different clients' cultures such as Gulf Area, Middle East, Europe and Far East in addition of a different background business experience to deal with different types of business and requirements such as:

  • ERP systems
  • Financial Systems
  • Human Resources Systems
  • Purchasing System
  • Maintenance System
  • Workflow System
  • Case Management Systems
  • Merchandizing System,
  • Reports System
  • Point of Sale System