The core of our company is the values we believe in. commitment, Social Responsibility, Team work and Loyalty are some of the values that lead TTS to the top and what keep us up there.

  • Commitment

TTS management is committed to sustain a constant vision and focus for the future that addresses global challenges, and paves the way to becoming a key and competitive player in the region through meeting the customers needs and satisfying them. In addition; we are committed to offer our employees; fair compensation and job recognition all the way.

  • Social Responsibility

TTS management and employees understand the responsibility and obligation to contribute to the communities surrounding us. We aim to operate efficiently and add value for our society.

  • Professionalism

We at TTS seek professionalism in everything we do. We support a professional behavior in maximizing the involvement of our customers in our decision making process and in encouraging our employees to behave in a professional manner all over their attitude.  

  • Team work

We value the contribution of each member of the team. We share information and resources with our teams and partners. Respects contradictory opinions and adopts the team designated point of views and defiantly group benefits overrides individual.

  • Creativity

Our work is oriented towards sustainable profitable performance and competitiveness. We approach challenges with a problem- solving technique and create solutions that are bold and forward looking. We make sure that innovation and creativity is there in everything we do and in every day activity.

  • Loyalty

We are all faithful and devoted to our company, employees, customers and partners. TTS is committed to remain loyal and to act according to loyalty-based model in its daily operations because this model will make us deliver superior services and products to our customers and superior added values to our staff.